Charity Day Pictures

Danika – Looks evil and unhappy in this pic, but she is very pretty and very nice

Boomer & Jim Nance – Probably talking about Tiger and Mark Sanchez

Carlos Beltran – Looking sharp!

Jack – The Golden Bear confirms a trade on the bankruptcy desk

Annika Sorenstam – Just hanging out enjoying being the best woman golfer ever

Arnold Palmer – Nicest Charity Day guest. Little story about him: while signing someone’s hat he noticed that Jack Nicklaus also signed it and he said, “I could still kick his ass!” Brilliance…

Jon Bon Jovi – a cool customer when confirming a trade on the bankruptcy desk

JT – Working the phones on Charity Day…not exactly the best outfit from him today

The Big Guy Himself – it was very hard to get close to him, so the pics are not the best, but they will have to do.

He is so big that he get 2 pics!


2 Responses

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  2. That’s awesome dude! You should’ve ask Mr. C for a recommendation : )

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