I am totally judging you right now…

Along with my boy XLick, I have been chosen to be a judge for the Beautiful B-School Photo Contest. Pretty flattered about being chosen (you love me, you really love me!!!!!), but also realize that with great power comes great responsibility (yep, it’s from Spiderman). My responsibility is to encourage everyone to submit their photos. So consider this me encouraging you…great, you have been encouraged.

I would also like to say that I will be holding up the esteemed practices of other NJ natives, as I will be openly accepting bribes. If you want to win this contest, just send me a check and if you send the largest…I will ensure a victory. I am of course kidding (unless you were really going to send me a check, then I was serious), and I will do my best to pick the best photo. So bring on your best!

P.S. – I am in total freak out-mode (because the Dartmouth decision day is upon). 7 hours!!!!!!


3 Responses

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  2. Hey Steve!! Congrats on your nomination!!
    I’ve been chosen as a judge too!! hehe.

    Keep writing! your blog rocks!!!

  3. Stevee, I would be your co-judge then. totally unexpected but really flattered. Especially when the wait was driving me crazy..


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