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Weekend Rewind…

This was a big weekend for me…there was lots of football on, wedding duties called, and there was some weight to be lost. Lets get to the rewind!

Friday was a quiet day, as my fiancée and I stayed in and I hooked up the Wii Fit game that she received for Christmas. It isn’t really a great way to get in shape, but it is a pretty fun game that gets the heart pumping. I was pretty bad at the skateboarding game they have, but I crushed all who dared to challenge me (only my fiancée) in Super Hula Hoop! With my confidence brimming and my spirits high I decided to pack it in for the night because I big day awaited me on Saturday.

Saturday we woke up late (around 9ish) and got ready to embark on an epic day of gorging on all sorts of food. When we booked our wedding venue, the wedding cake was included in the package, but there were 2 bakers, so we had to choose 1 and choose what type of cake we wanted. The first bakery we went to was not that great. The cake was too light and it didn’t have much taste to it. The fillings lacked any distinguishing characteristics, so needless to say, we were not thrilled with them. Thank God the 2nd place was fantastic. Conca D’Oro is the name and delicious cakes and pastries is their game…after about 30 minutes of indecision the baker said he would give us small samples to take home to our families to try and decide what type of filings we wanted for our cake. After a lengthy battle a vanilla custard and raspberry jelly combo was chosen and I couldn’t be happier! I love, love, love raspberry anything, so I am very happy with how it turned out.

Sunday was a big day on the wedding front…I went to get my suit, shirt, and tie for the wedding. We ventured back to the Woodbury Commons (just outside of NYC) in search of the perfect suit. I was pretty bummed out about the whole thing, after my experience last time. We started our journey at Saks off-fifth, which is the outlet for all things that Saks can’t sell. There was a 30% promotion running and I happened upon a beautiful Burberry suit that was right in my price range. I put that sucker on hold and figured that I had found my suit. We went to many other places in search of my suit, but none seemed to be as good as the Burberry. In a last ditch effort, I decided to try Armani again…In what could only be described as a horror-show replay, the same Bob who helped us before, walks up to us and says, what can i do for you. We have the exact same, and I mean the exact same discussion from 3 weeks ago and he shows me the same suit, but this time I ask him the price. It was not a $3k suit, so the woman at the register screwed up. All in all I walked out with my suit for about $800, instead of the $1,500 that they were going to charge me. I am thrilled that I got the suit I wanted and for a price that was only slightly higher than what I budgeted. I also picked up a very nice shirt and tie….so my attire for the wedding is complete!

That was pretty much my weekend…the only other update is that I was able to lose some weight over the weekend (down to 172.2), which is a small miracle considering how much cake I ate on Saturday. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Could it be any freakin’ colder btw??? I can’t wait for summer!


3 Responses

  1. Way to go Steve! It’s encouraging for women out there that men do participate in their wedding planning 🙂

  2. […] the full article: Weekend Rewind… Arkayne = window.Arkayne || {}; Arkayne.baseurl = 'http://www.arkayne.com'; Arkayne.go = […]

  3. Hi Steve,

    Its refreshing to read about your wedding plans in this MBA application season. I wish you both have a memorable wedding 🙂

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