I get by with a little help from my friends

I get high with…..uh, nevermind. With all apologies to the Beatles, I thought that the best title for this post.

I spoke with a gentleman I play fantasy football with last week and the subject of B-School came up. It turns out that he went to the Johnson School and knew Randall Sawyer (As. Director of Admissions). He offered to send and e-mail to catch up with Randall and to mention that I would be a great candidate for the class of 2012. I was very happy that he offered, especially because Cornell is the last school I have a shot at, so anything to boost my candidacy can only help.

Because I work in the financial industry and we have more days off than any other industry, save teaching and government, I am off on Monday. I have decided to take Friday off as well, to make it an even longer Holiday weekend. Danielle and I are going up to Okemo in Ludlow, VT to ski (me at least, she isn’t exactly a ski bunny) and catch up with family. I am looking forward to a weekend away, to get my mind off of B-School and the possibility that I could go 0-3 this year with my applications. So my next post won’t be until Tuesday…I know, I know, but you should step back from the ledge because you have more to live for than my blog. Have a great weekend, see you on the flip side!


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