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Fill it up again!

So as you know, the Obama administration has imposed a $90B tax on the nations largest banks because they caused this economic melt-down. Most people figured that these measures would hurt a little, but the firms would be just fine. Obama was going to get his money, his votes, and people were going to sing his praises for taking punitive actions against the banks. But just when you thought he was done and he was going to get what he wanted, he goes and screws it up!

It was announced today that he would be recommending that no bank should be able to:

1. Invest in a hedge fund/private equity fund

2. Run a prop trading desk*

* A prop trading desk is a desk that trades with the firm’s own capital, and not for customers.

My first thought…well I won’t write my first thought, but after reflection, my next thought was that the banks are screwed if this passes. Obama couldn’t take away the biggest money maker for a lot of the investment banks, could he? He does want the banks to be able to pay this tax back, doesn’t he? Can Congress really pass a bill like this? Say it with me everyone, “YES WE CAN!”

Goldman Sachs makes about 90% of its profits from proprietary positions, so if this was to go away completely, they are fucked. I don’t curse a lot on this blog, but “they be fucked” if this happens. The only solution that I can see to this problem is to spin off the investment banking arm of large banks to separate commercial and investment banking again. If this is Obama’s end game, why wouldn’t he just re-institute Glass-Steagall? (a law that said a commercial bank cannot own an investment bank)

I can’t talk about this anymore because if you think about it for too long, your head explodes, so be careful!


4 Responses

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  2. The little central planner is going to quickly find out that he is owned by Wall St. He can talk the populist game as much as he wants, those who truly control the capital can make his failed presidency go down the toilet even faster.

    If we think 10% unemployment is bad, you’ll see 15% once banks decide they’ve had enough of his bull.

  3. That is what I don’t understand…does he think that Wall St. (his biggest contributor) is just going to look the other way and fund his next campaign?

  4. Even worse, his narcissism has him believing that people believe in him so much, he can make grandiose statements and everyone will go “Gee, he’s right! We’re all evil capitalists, let’s sing kumbayah and donate to the Democrat party!”

    As the market has shown in the past week, everyone sees this new uncertainty as a market cap destroyer and are changing their positions accordingly. And given that Obama’s all out of political capital, he might not even be able to make this happen, and thus adding uncertainty to a chaotic market on a whim.

    He is a prolific speech deliverer though, I’ll give him that.

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