What say ye?

I haven’t had anything to write about…I guess it is somewhat like writers block, but this morning I come to you with a conundrum that I would appreciate you helping me answer.

This is a real event, but the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.

So this girl I work with, lets call her J, is set to leave my firm for an oportunity at a firm we will call, Sredit Cuisse. J had talked with me in the past about going back to B-school and getting a JD/MBA. She wants to shoot for a top 5-10 school, and she certainly has the academic/ECs for it. The only thing lacking is her work experience. She graduated only 1.5 years ago, so she is still very young. When she told our boss that she was leaving, he told her that she would receive a title bump and pay raise if she stayed.The job at Sredit Cuisse is not in I-Banking, but Prime Services. It pays better than her current job and she gets a signing bonus.

The conundrum she finds herself in is one that I think is pretty tricky. Does she stay here and show progress on her resume, or does she shoot for a more prestigious firm, who will pay for an MBA, but she will be starting from the bottom again.

I told her that she should take the job at Sredit Cuisse because there will still be chances for advancement before she applies to B-School in 2 years. She will also surround herself with managers and colleagues who have their MBAs, and would be able to guide her through the process of applying with greater ease than my current firm, where an MBA is of no real value. Having more MBAs around you probably increases the chances of a recommendation carrying more weight because an alumni rec. is better than a non-alumni rec.

What are your thoughts on the matter??? Think J should bolt or stay the course? What say ye?


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  2. I think she can help her situation by thinking on the below bullet points:
    — What is the reason she first decided to leave her current job – was it not satisfying, was it not challenging etc etc
    — Once she knows the reason, does she think a job at Sredit Cuisse will help her in that direction
    — The important question she might have to answer when appearing for a b-school interview in future is – “why did u leave ur first job and start from the bottom at SC?”

    These said I second ur thoughts on the below:
    — Having a lot of MBAs around you at work might help a lot – this can actually be on the reasons to change work-places i.e. to be surrounded by intelligent people; work in a challenging and competitive place etc.
    — Finances do matter – but not to the extent that it comes across conspicuously as a ‘job-change for pay increase’ situation on ur resume

    I don’t think I’ve give you a decision as such – but hopefully my pointers can help J’s thinking process!


  3. The biggest mistake you can make is to accept a counter-offer. Once you let loose that you not only looked for another position, but are thinking of accepting it, it’s time to leave. You’ve already ‘bought the ticket’, and it’s non-refundable.

    No matter how good of an employee you are, once you signal your intent to leave, you’re ‘tainted’ in the eyes of your current employer and your job will quickly be filled by someone else on the employer’s terms. If you think a company isn’t petty or ego-driven, think again. Good projects will go to other people, then they claim your work is suffering, then you get let go. After you’ve declined the offer for the new position.

  4. Thanks for the contribution everyone…after some careful consideration, my colleague is leaving for Sredit Cuisse! Best of luck to her and thanks again for the advice.

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