Weekend Rewind

The highlights of the weekend:

1. J-E-T….eh, not so much. So, although I am not a Jets fan. I do root for them to win, as my family are big Jets fans and it would be nice if they won something once in a while…They played yesterday afternoon and for the first half of the game, they looked like the better team. Then came the 2nd half. Peyton Manning absolutely picked apart their defense to lead the Colts to the Super Bowl. Great game for him, great season by the Jets, and that was that.

2. Dance Lessons –

So I haven’t really talked about this at all, but for Christmas my parents gave my fiancée and I a gift certificate for dance lessons. We got to choose the place, up to a certain amount of money. We chose a place in Hoboken, at a little dance studio on the corner of 9th & Bloomfield. Our dance instructor’s name is Tracy and he used to be on Broadway. Dancing is not really my thing, and rhythm is something I lack as well. You are either born with it, or like me, you aren’t. Thank God my fiancée is a pretty good dancer and can guide me through this process because Tracy has us promenading, counter-promenading, and who knows what other -ading we could be doing by the end…I am pretty sure after this class we could win “dancing with the stars,” as it is that elaborate. Even though this isn’t really my bag, I HAVE to practice because 1.)  My parents paid for this, so they need to see some ROI and 2.) I don’t want to mess this dance up because it will be on video for the rest of my life! A lot of pressure is on me with this one, hopefully I can deliver.

Hope everyone had a great weekend…this is my first full work week since the 2nd to last week of December, gonna be a LONG one!


2 Responses

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  2. I always wished we had done dance lessons! Have fun!!

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