Someone is hiring!

I read this article over the weekend and couldn’t remember the last article I read about someone who was hiring, especially on Wall Street. It followed on the heels of a Reuters article about MBA job prospects improving. These “green shoots” are all part of a general warming trend in hiring for all types of businesses. My fiancée, who is a finance/accounting recruiter, has had business pick up recently and she feels as though companies are starting to see an end to job cuts. These are all great signs for our economy, but more importantly (for me & you) for future MBAs. Economic contraction and expansion are like a pendulum, which swings back and forth, albeit at varying speeds in each direction.We swung so far in the direction of excess that a strong correction was needed to balance it out.  The pendulum will eventually turn the economy positive and job growth will return. It won’t return to the 4% unemployment we had for so many years, but we should settle into a 5-6% long-term range of normalcy.

That is my attempt to start this week off on a positive note…hope everyone’s weekend was good and you tried to stay warm (if you were in the northeast it was f-ing freezing).


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  1. […] the full article: Someone is hiring! AKPC_IDS += "6733,"; Share this […]

  2. […] the full article: Someone is hiring! AKPC_IDS += "6733,"; Share this […]

  3. Looks like the Global warming is not warming the East coast enough. I was in the city for the weekend and yes it was terrible!! 🙂

  4. Tell me about it…not only was the temperature cold, but the wind cut right through your clothing. I might start a campaign to pump more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere during the winter, just so we don’t have to deal with these temps any more (who’s with me?)…spring/summer can’t some soon enough!

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