You’ve got to be shitting me…

So if you are not from the US, you probably have no clue about this, but Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning…Phil is a groundhog, as today is groundhog day. On this day, in Gobbler’s Knobb, PA, (not kidding, they actually named there town after a blow-job reference) someone takes this groundhog out of its cage and asks the groundhog if he sees his shadow. If he does see his shadow, that means 6 more weeks of winter, while if there is no shadow, then spring is coming early. A very scientific approach indeed!

So, here’s the thing…we all know that this is fake and a production. It is something that brings the town of Gobbler’s Knobb (had to write it again) some money and I am fine with that. The problem I have is that it is goddamn freezing outside, at least lie to me and tell me that spring is coming early. This was pretty much the only hope I had left. I know when I wake up in the morning it is going to be in the high teens outside and windy. When I get out of work it will be 30 and windy. It is a miserable feeling…stupid, fat  groundhog!

BTW…Is it February 16th yet? The wait is beginning to eat away at me!


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