I will re-count the exploits of the polar bear plunge later, but for now we get to my Cornell decision….It is rather appropriate that my fiancée and I watched the movie “Waiting” this weekend (eh, it was ok, kind of funny if you have ever worked in a restaurant, but not an epic movie to be sure.) because I just got the word: I am waitlisted…(cue the horn, “wah, wah, wah”)I said that a waitlist would be the worst thing ever because I am not exactly a patient person and the though of waiting until August for a possible admit is too much for my little heart to take.

After being waitlisted…its not all that bad. I was reading a waitlisted chat with Randall Sawyer and he stated that Johnson does give feedback about how to strengthen your application. At least it won’t be radio silence for the next few months. I would imagine that I should start looking into signing up for an online course of some quantitative nature. Until that time, “I’ll be sitting, waiting, wishing…” (Yuck, Jack Johnson…I am disgusted with myself for even posting that)


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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel Steve. Drink one for all your Waitlisters out there.

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  3. hey steve,

    dont be sad dude.I know its lil bad but u can always improve ur candidacy in the given time and i m pretty sure that it will convert into an admit.
    By the way did you received my email which i sent to you on ur email id.

    Let me know.


  4. Hey Steve,

    A waitlist is not a bad news. Just hang in there and keep your eyes and ears open for anything that would improve your candidacy!

    All the best

  5. Much better than a ding! Do what you can to improve your app and try to stay positive :). Time passes so fast that you’ll be in before you know it ;).

  6. wait-list can be frustrating but it also means there is hope! Depend on the school’s policy, you might want to strengthen your candidacy and show commitment through some updates. Hope good news will come soon!

  7. Thanks to everyone who posted their thoughts. Hopefully I can be one of the lucky ones to get an admit off the waiting list. I am researching things I can do to improve my candidacy. Thanks again!

    Ashish – sorry, I haven’t checked my mail recently. i will get back to you ASAP.

  8. Good luck with your decision Steve.

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