A rite of passage…is upon me

In every man’s life there are a few moments that stand out from the rest. I would say the first time you kiss a girl, the first time you have sex, graduating college, getting your first paycheck, getting engaged, getting married, having your first child (because we all know that it doesn’t get any better than your first), and seeing your first grandchild are the moments that I remember/are looking forward to in my life. But one moment stands out from all the rest. It is an ancient ritual to be sure, which was probably handed down from the Romans, the Greeks, or maybe even the Etruscans. I speak of course about a bachelor party…..mine just so happens to be this weekend. I cannot adequately express my excitement.

The travishamockery is taking place in Atlantic City, NJ (a place just slightly less classy than Las Vegas) and should include a lot of drinking, a lot of gambling, and if we are lucky…maybe even some tomfoolery (I have no idea what that actually means, but I needed a 3rd thing that wasn’t a stripper, as my fiancée is surely going to read this)! So as of 5pm this afternoon, I , like Jack Bauer, will be “going dark.” That means don’t try to reach me on my cell phone, don’t try e-mailing me, and don’t try to find me because I won’t have any of it. This is a weekend for me and my friends to celebrate like we were back in college again. I don’t know if it will be as epic as The Hangover, but we can dream, can’t we? This is the one weekend in my life time that I could kill a man and just tell the police officer that it is my bachelor party and he would surely give me a pardon and tell me that he would, “clean this mess up for me,” and to “enjoy the rest of my weekend.”

Don’t expect pictures of the party, there won’t be any….this is not a bachelorette party, there are man rules to follow and one of them is you do not take pictures. There can be no evidence of anything that went on, because you need complete deniability if anything ever comes up. When it comes to bachelor parties, men are like the US Army. You aren’t getting any information out of them, except their name, rank, and serial number. I shan’t be sharing any details of the events that are about to unfold, except the blandest of the bland. I will see you all on the flip side…

p.s. If you are in AC this weekend and see a group of young men embarrassing themselves and the names of their families, it is probably us…


4 Responses

  1. Hahahaha – ah, I remember when my husband left for his Vegas bachelor party….I wondered if I’d ever see him again :). Have fun…..but because of female solidarity….not TOO much fun :).

  2. My hubby and I were LOL reading this post of yours Steve! Have fun 🙂

  3. Elizabeth – Thanks for the comment and for reading the blog. My fiancee appreciates your last comment, girls stick together,,,girl power!

    Dreamer – I am sure you were laughing, but deep down your hubby had a nervous laugh going. “I hope she doesn’t ask about my bachelor party…I am not supposed to speak of it.” Thank you to you both for reading the blog

    I find it very heartening that only women have responded to this so far…the man code of silence live on!

  4. Looking at it from a different angle, this is your “Last” real weekend out as a single man…haha…I kid I kid. Have fun in AC!

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