Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Unfortunately, I do know when I will be coming back…next Monday, the 10th. The blog will be a  cold, vacant,  and dormant place. I am going to miss the BoB winners, so congratulations to them in advance!I have 3 more hours at work, and then it is all sun (hopefully), sand, and a lot of another thing that you do on your honeymoon in the Caribbean that begins with an “S”. Snorkeling of course…don’t let your mind wander into the gutter like that! In all seriousness, i hope everyone has a great weekend and you all win BoB!

Now here is your moment of Zen…and something to make you insanely jealous.

The beach my hotel is on...but don't worry because you know, the office is nice too


2 Responses

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  2. haha, funny post. congrats on getting married and have fun at the honeymoon!

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