The weekend that was…and the week ahead

Is the weekend over already? Seriously? I could have sworn that I had another day in there somewhere.

My weekend consisted entirely of studying, taking practice tests, and re-writing my Columbia/Cornell essays. First thing is first: I am a freakin’ genius! I don’t know if it had anything to do with my strategy of reading some James Joyce, but my reading comp. scores were off the charts good! After having to really concentrate to understand the ramblings of Joyce, the RC section seemed like a pleasant read. Maybe it was that I was more confident, maybe I got easy questions, but either way I am going to keep doing what I am doing.  My score for the test was once again a 700, 45Q and 40V. I am pretty happy with this and I am interested to see how this will translate to the real thing next weekend. I can’t believe it is here already! It seems like yesterday that I was buying the online course from Manhattan GMAT. In total I scored 700 3 times, I scored 660 and lastly I scored a 640. This is good for an average score of 680, which is 22 points higher than the last time I was taking practice tests. Hopefully I see a similar score bump on my test on Saturday.

The week ahead is a hectic one to say the least. Tonight I am attending a  Columbia event in NYC, which focuses on Finance and Economics. It should be what I need to put the finishing touches on my essays this weekend. On Wednesday I have an industry event after work, which I might have to skip out on to study. Thursday I am taking the day off to study and to speak with Randall Sawyer. On Friday, I rest. I take it easy before test day and go to bed early. Saturday is my test and that night I have a celebratory dinner & drinks with friends. Sunday will probably be finishing off essay and tweaking things, after my Columbia event and any hints I pick up from Randall. Sleep?…overrated!

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  1. Where is Randall going to be in the city this weekend?

  2. Richard – I am going to speak with Randall on the phone, we arranged it when we met at the MBA Tour…he won’t be back in NYC until October 23rd. If you are interested in Cornell, I would strongly suggest that you go and get to know Randall better. He is a great resource, and it never hurts to get to know people who are going to be looking at your application.

  3. […] their first semester. Steve thought that his strategy of reading James Joyce paid off in “off the charts good” GMAT reading comprehension scores. Ellipser wrote about being a gay applicant to business schools. A. enjoyed his first class in his […]

  4. So how did your GMAT test go? You have all of us hanging.

  5. Steve,

    Say it ain’t so!

    So after celebrating the Yankees big victory last night, I read your post (finally!) and my heart sank. Your story was one of the best unfolding. I’m sad to hear it come to an end, even though I know you’ll be back.

    I’m delighted for you. The new job sounds like a good one for you and your new bride. I’m sad for us because we’ll miss your smart observations and insights.

    Good luck, Steve.

    Here’s to Bruce, to Frank, to Jersey, and to the Yanks!


  6. Tell me about it…how can they have the games on so late? I am so freakin’ tired…don’t they realize that some people have to come into work and quit in the morning?

    I would also like to toast to summers at the shore! Thanks again for your comments and your support.

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