A life interrupted & a Team Spencer pic

My life has stopped. In the past two days, I haven’t run, I haven’t studied, I’m not even sure if I have slept. Why has my life stopped you may ask, because I moved yesterday. Is there anything more interrupting in your life? Where did we move you might ask yourself? Let this sink in for two seconds before trying to comprehend it, as your brain might actually explode…we moved back to the exact same building that we moved out of 1 year ago! What, what, what!?! Yep, I paid for someone to move my stuff from a building to another and then paid them again to move it back. Fantastic feeling.

I have been without TV or internet at home for 2 days now and I looked like a crack addict last night. I was curled up in the corner muttering to myself…thank God someone is coming today to install everything for me. Pretty soon I was going to start selling my body on the street for some internet or TV time. This has obviously impacted my amount of study time, which has been 0 for the past 2 days. I am planning on hitting the books pretty hard this weekend and delaying my Manhattan GMAT test until Sunday instead of my normal Saturday test.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with this picture of my team at the Damon Runyon 5k Run/Walk….for those of you that don’t know, I am the incredibly handsome one in the center, with the smoking hot wife on my arm. What, you don’t see anyone matching that description? Ok I am the incredibly average looking gentleman in the center with the smoking hot wife on my arm. OK fine, I’m # 1226.

From Left to Right (Brother, Father, Friend, Sister, Hot Mama, Yours Truly, Uncle, Cousin, Cousin)


First 700, GMAT Scheduled, & Essays started

I know its only 10 points more than I scored on the actual GMAT, but 700 sounds soooo much better then 690 doesn’t it…I took a practice test on Saturday morning, around 8:30. When I clicked the final button on my Manhattan GMAT CAT I thought I had done reasonably well, but I didn’t think I would be hitting 700! I was really excited about this, as it seems that my hard work is paying off. My breakdown was as follows:

Quant: 45

Verbal: 40

Overall: 700

AWA: 6.0 (I think I deserved it….I am obviously kidding about this, there is no generated score for the AWAs)

I was happy with my performance in Verbal, as it was 4 points higher than what I scored on the real thing. I believe that confidence is a huge part of the GMAT and I had loads of it on Saturday. I prepared myself mentally before the test started by accepting that the test was going to be very hard, no matter how well I was doing. I think this helped me not get discouraged, keep my pacing, and ultimately score better on the test.

I was so excited about the result that I schedule my actual GMAT for October 2nd, which is the first Saturday of the month. It is scheduled for 8am in Lyndhurst, NJ (same place I took the previous 2, I am a creature of habit!). My goal from here on out is to try and consistently score in the 700 range, but not to get too discouraged if a 660 pops into the equation. Bad tests just happen, for whatever reason, they just happen sometimes, so believing that I can score 700+ shouldn’t

Weekend Rewind – Yankee Stadium Style

I am a posting machine today…truth be told, both of my bosses are on vacation, so while the cats away…the mice will post on their MBA applicant blogs. That’s the saying right?

Probably a little late, seeing as how it is Thursday and all, but I wanted to let everyone know about something I participated in this weekend that benefited a great cause and was an incredible experience. I ran in the Damon Runyon 5k at Yankee Stadium this past weekend! This is a 5k that is run through the concourses and on the warning track of Yankee Stadium. The proceeds go to benefit cancer research. My family organized a team that all together raised about $1k for the event (Go Team Spencer! – more on that later). Running and raising money for worthy charities is something that I really enjoy doing, so when you add that together with Yankee Stadium, how could I miss this?

I got to run 2 laps around the warning track of Yankee Stadium…btw I definitely pretended to make a leaping catch over the wall when I ran by it. Pretty fantastic catch, if I do say so myself! While you were running they had camera crews there that showed you up on the big HD screen that is in center field. Goosebump type stuff here people…The only problem with the event was that during this 3.1 mile run there were 268 that we had to climb! 268! I can honestly say that this was the hardest 5k I have ever done, my legs are just coming back from the beating that they took on Sunday. All in all, it was a great event that everyone who is runner (or a Yankee fan) should think about doing next year.

The funny/awkward part of the event was my family’s team, Team Spencer. Spencer is our family dog, and he did in fact have squamous cell cancer of the ear last year. So we decided it would be great to make shirts that had a picture of him on the back. So we had the shirts printed up and we all wore them during the race. The only problem was that many other people had the same idea, except the picture, or message on the back was of a loved one who had passed away. So we are the assholes that have a picture of their dog on the back of their shirts. Not very good foresight on our part…thankfully no one ever called us out on it, and at least one woman thought that it was sweet of us to run for our dog, but I am pretty sure that everyone else was throwing visual daggers our way. Note to self for next year…no dog pictures!

To be or not 2B….

See what I did there…do you ever just stop and thank God when he hands you something as beautifully constructed as the title of this post? I mean really, it doesn’t get any better than that. The reason that the title is so apropos is because I wanted to tell everyone about a new site called Poets and Quants…it just works so perfectly. The site is packed with great information, a new MBA ranking, and head to head school comparisons. It doesn’t hurt that John Byrne is a friend of the blog, but seriously his site is fantastic. I suggest that everyone take a gander at what he is dishing out because it is some great stuff. You can get there by clicking on the Hyperlink in my Blogroll, or if you are too lazy to scroll to the top of the screen, just click here.

My Application Plans

Since it doesn’t look like I am getting that call this year, my plans are turning to next year. The crazy part is that R1 apps are due in 6-7 weeks, depending on where you are applying. So I am going to have to cram essays, recs, and the GMAT into this time period. My list is going to be different from last year, as I will be applying to some schools that are slightly lower ranked than I did last year. My thought process on this is that I want/need to go to B-School this year and since my father has graciously stated that he would pay for a semester of tuition (doing the same for my brother as an MD), the return on investment calculation would still be in my favor if I didn’t land a $100k+ job after graduation.

I researched quite a bit about all these schools and they are certainly different in many ways, but each of them have a good finance department and have respectable finance placement stats. Below is a list of the schools I am applying to and the dates for each round.

Cornell – Oct. 5th

Yale SOM – Oct. 7th

Georgetown – Nov. 1st

USC – Nov. 1st.

Boston University – Nov. 1st.

Still Under Consideration:

Columbia – Oct 6th (ED), rolling until April after this initial deadline

Notre Dame – Nov 1st

Good or Bad & Weekend Plans

Bloomberg Businessweek has an article talking about how applications to some top B-Schools were down last year. It points out that applications to Cornell were down 12% last year from the recession high of the year prior. So the question I ask myself is…is this a good thing or a bad thing. Let’s discuss:

1. It is good:

This is a good thing for me and other future applicants because if the total number of students applying is down, then the acceptance rates should be higher. You can also say that the next application cycle should see applications fall even more, as the job market firms up, and in some instances, like Financial Services), actually is doing quite well. I got on the wait-list this year, which means that they would have admitted me this year if they had a spot open up. With a further decreased applicant pool, this may turn into an admit.

2. It is bad:

I didn’t get in last year and applications were down 12%! I suck! I’m a failure, oh woah is me…ok, got that out of my system. But seriously, it isn’t a very good sign that in a depleted applicant pool I didn’t get into Cornell. After numbers like these Cornell may double its efforts to recruit people to the school, which might actually increase the applicant pool this year.

It could really go either way…although it seems I have a more plausible scenario laid out in the “Good” section, I can’t really get over the first point in the bad (not getting in, in a smaller applicant pool).

Weekend Plans

So if you were a reader of my previous blog entries you might remember that I was a big fan of the NY Red Bulls (soccer team for those not in the know). The problem was that the Red Bulls were historically bad last year…I mean the soccer team I played on when I was 6 could have beat them. That team pretty much just packed into a little scrum around the ball and kicked each other in the shins (at least we stayed compact at the back), but I am pretty sure that we could have found a way around the Red Bulls defense last year. This year is a totally different story. We have a new coach, a new GM, a new stadium, two very important new players, and we are currently in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference.

With that being said, my weekend is going to kick off with a monster of a game between the NY Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy (sans David Beckham <– he is hurt). It is going to be a sell out (25,00 people) crowd on Saturday night, so Red Bull Arena should be rocking. My dad, brother, sister, and wife are all coming, so it should be a great time.

On Sunday I am running in a 5k inside Yankee Stadium. The 5k is going to benefit cancer research. You can check the website out here, so that you might be able to do this next year (sold out this year). I will let you know how it is, but I know it is going to be really hard because the course consists of 268 stairs! Are you shitting me? I am not exactly a finely tuned athlete, but I can run in the occasional 5k or 5 mile race. I usually look like death when I finish, but it is because I push it pretty hard. I can’t even imagine running one and adding stairs into the mix…not going to be fun.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Art of Applying – so hot right now

So one of the main reasons that I started blogging again was because someone e-mailed me out of the blue and offered me a chance to write for/about them. I looked it over and I just couldn’t pass the opportunity up…Keneisha Grayson is bat shit crazy and I love her! She knows her shit people, so I urge you, ney I implore you to sign-up for the webinar event (August 26th) that she is putting on called, ““School Choice, Quick-Start Essays, and Killer Recommendations.”

Sign-up here: http://theartofapplying.com/bdo/join

If you want to see some of the work that she does, take a visit to: http://bschoolodds.com/free-webinar